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General Information

Founded in 2006, Headstart Group Ltd. is Hong Kong’s and Macau’s pre-eminent English educational institution. The company is dynamic, driven and a market leader in the industry. It offers bespoke English curriculum development, in-class and after-school English programmes, UK study tours, teacher training and native-speaking English teacher (NET) recruitment services for its clients. The company serves more than 250 schools and universities, and is well-known for its superior quality of services all round. We believe in human capital investment. Human capital investment is the single most important investment that one can make. Our society, our world and our future depend on it. Headstart Group Ltd. is dedicated to playing an important role in this critical task of educating our fellow human beings. As we take on a task so important and worthwhile, we endeavour to handle it with great care, great excitement, relentless zeal and the highest expectations. Hence, passion underlies everything we do. To know more about Headstart Group, please visit our website: http://www.headstartgroup.co To apply the position or find out more vacancies, please visit http://hkmacau.headstartgroup.co/career/

Key Contact

Syalis Kwok