We are thrilled to offer a variety of options to exhibitors in 2021 with 5 physical expos across the country, and the launch of our all-new Online Digital Expo

February 2021 will see the launch of our new digital platform, to support the 5 nationwide expos.

A feature of this new digital platform will be the NZCE ONLINE DIGITAL EXPO. Providing year round engagement for schools, exhibitors and general public with up-to-date information and news from our wide range of exhibitors and access to a growing range of careers resources and information. This will replace the current magazine supplied to schools, and provide so much more!

This will present many new opportunities for exhibitors to increase their profiles and engage with schools across the country. Adding massive value to the involvement with the physical expos, while maintaining a year round presence as an exhibitor on the NZCE DIGITAL EXPO.

So… lets look at what its on offer!

  • Physical – options to attend our popular nationwide expos (now at 5 venues across New Zealand)
  • Digital – options to create an online profile on our online digital expo, which includes the invitation to regularly submit your marketing content onto our soon-to-be-released new website and through our many digital channels that reach tens of thousands of students each week. This will be an “always on” platform for 10 months of every year – providing a resource for schools and public to engage with exhibitors across an expanded time frame.
  • Careerwise partnership – We are also pleased to announce our partnership with Careerwise a leading service for NZ career advisors that will significantly increase the profile of exhibitors to students.

Bookings are now being accepted on our website, follow this link for booking information and costs per location.

Why Digital?

This makes it easy for Expo visitors to follow up with you after meeting you at an expo; to seek and share content previously sought after in our Expo magazines; to enable those seeking a career change to learn more about their options in one easy place and to ensure that our exhibitors can be easily found and reached before, during and after Expos. 

We know that schools want this option available, to find and share information easily. We are so excited to be able to share our vision with them and with you as we all start fresh in 2021.

The Digital Options

We have 2 options available.  

A basic listing is created free of charge for ALL exhibitors who have booked into any of the physical expos (as below).

professional listing gives you access to create your professional website profile, submit ongoing content to us to be shared on our website and across our digital and social media platforms. Including the CareerWise Hub where involved career advisors have exclusive access to your content to share in Newsletters to student inboxes.

How your Listing will Appear

Basic Listing

Image by: Expo Team 2021

Basic listing in the online directory with professional listings shown in the ‘Related Exhibitors”.

The basic listing includes:

  • Exhibitor name
  • Contact details, address, website link, email and phone number
  • A standard image will be applied to each basic listing. These do not feature in the “Related Exhibitors” listing.

Professional Listings

Professional Listing includes:

  • Your own account listing to update and edit whenever you like
  • Contributor account on our article sharing platform
  • Featured Image 
  • Description / custom text field
  • Video option
  • Image Gallery – from 1 to 8 images/promotional graphics
  • Interactive Map
  • Contact Form – receive direct emails from prospective students
  • Links to your social media

In addition, the professional listing will:

  • Provide you with access to write content directly into the Career Expos news feed on the new website (we will need to verify content). A maximum of 1 article per month is invited from contributors.
  • Content shared across our digital and social platforms which are also going over a makeover soon!
  • Promotion of content in Careerwise with information shared to NZ career advisors who curate weekly newsletters to their students.
  • Stand out on the website amongst the basic listings

If you require assistance to create a stand-out Professional Listing we can provide assistance at a Careers Expo reduced rate.  Please contact support@digitaljourney.org for more information on this option.  Digital Journey has a creative team who can assist you with your design and layout. 

Directory Listings

Within the directory, both Basic and Professional will be shown as the image below illustrates. Users of the directory can filter results, with exhibitors who attend physical Expos being featured on the website page for that particular Expo.

Image by: Expo Team 2021