We are thrilled with how quickly exhibitors and schools are coming on board with us for 2021. Following a tricky year in 2020, with postponements and cancellations, we are back with a bang!

We recognise the importance of providing a venue for face-to-face interactions with potential students and employees and know that these real-life conversations are crucial this year.

Students want to see ALL of their options in one place – with the option of engaging with you to learn more.

But we also have a platform where we are able to connect tens of thousands of students with YOUR information and news on a regular basis – not just on our new website, but through our many digital platforms including social media, email newsletters, CareerWise & outreach to schools around NZ.

We wanted to ensure that the NZ Careers Expo is providing the best value possible for our Exhibitor partners, and we know that our website and many digital platforms offer something that complements our physical Expos really well.