As a social enterprise, CareerWise makes an impact on the workload of school career advisors in New Zealand, and we are drawn to the crucial role that the NZ Careers Expo plays in inspiring New Zealanders and encouraging real-life conversations around pathways and opportunities.

It is no secret that secondary school Careers departments are stretched time (and budget!) wise. 

It is so important that the information that we share with students is up-to-date and relevant to the world they are leaving school to be a part of.

 With opportunities and options changing so rapidly, how can we ensure we are sharing everything and keeping them ‘in the loop’?

This is where the Expo plays such a huge role, and it is why it is such a good fit as a partnership with CareerWise, the platform that allows Career Departments to have an easy-to-manage website and newsletter that they curate themselves, with help from the CareerWise Hub to make things more efficient.

Seeing huge numbers of schools booking to bring students along is truly exciting. They deserve the opportunity to have real-life conversations with people who are knowledgable about their options and want to help them discover new and interesting post-school opportunities. 

Schools can register here to bring students to the Careers Expo in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch or Dunedin.