Our connection to hundreds of secondary school career departments has taught us 3 crucial things that we are taking on board for the 2021 NZ Careers Expo

Career advisors working with Gen Z talk to us regularly about what students need from institutions and businesses in order to help them make decisions around their futures, and how our Expo exhibitors can further their reach and inspire the future workforce most effectively.

So what have we learned from 2020?

1. Students want to have real life, face-to-face conversations with people who are able to interpret what they are looking for and offer a solution that feels feasible and interesting.

We know the importance of maintaining a strong digital presence, this is why we have included digital offerings in this year’s Careers Expo packages, but we also know that students would love to see you in real life and talk to you about what your opportunities are and how it fits with who THEY are. 

For students who have spent a lot of time online recently, they value these interactions more than ever before.

2. Students want to understand the different career pathways involved from those in the know, knowing that the advice their parents and elders can offer is perhaps not in line with modern opportunities and present-day thinking. 

They want to hear about pathways that are outside of the box; that excite them and reassure them there is a future for them even if tey are unsure where to start.

The best way to do this is two-fold: chatting to them to discover what they are looking to do and where you fit in and providing them with interesting information that speaks to their questions and inspires new ideas, through online articles and sharing interesting information via the Expo platform to secondary schools in Aotearoa. 

We help to take care of this for you through our digital partnerships. You provide the content, we get it out there.

3. Students want to assess their options in one place. They want to get an understanding of where the opportunities are and take time to process what is on offer in New Zealand, how they all compare, how this is relevant to them, and come back to you to discuss further after the Expo. 

This is something we make easy, by linking them to you on our Careers Expo website. 

We are excited about 2021, and students across New Zealand are looking forward to seeing you at the Careers Expo

Will you be there?

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