It is all-go at our end, publicising New Zealand’s largest Careers Expo. We have extensive marketing campaigns running, capturing youth and those interested in career opportunities.

As we get set to kick off the 2021 expos across the country, we wanted to share an update with you to keep you in the loop with our promotional plans and share some stats around the new online digital expo. 

It has been really exciting to see the opportunities that digital platforms offer us and how we can develop them even further as we look ahead.

Take a look at the new online digital expo results so far!

With the launch of our 2021 promotional campaign and the physical expos running over the next 2 months in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, this will continue to grow!

The website stats speak for themselves!

We are blown away by the stats that we have so far, and the feedback from career advisors has been most encouraging.

The Careers Expo Online site saw 1⃣0⃣7⃣4⃣0⃣ visitors just in April alone

6⃣5⃣% of those are aged under 25

Individual Professional listings have an average of 6⃣6⃣7⃣ visitors a month

Of those visitors to the listings, on average there are 7⃣7⃣ click-throughs directly to their websites 

It is not too late to jump on board with our Professional Listings, as these will continue to provide regular content and will continue the conversations with those who attended the physical expos and the wider community all over New Zealand right throughout the year.

Our Promotional Campaigns

We are in full promotional mode now!

From being able to share our updates and professional listing exhibitor posts via our new partner CareerWise (who send over 80,000 monthly emails directly to secondary school student inboxes!) and our growing Facebook and Instagram community (please join us!) with highly targeted campaigns set nationwide throughout May – July. 

In addition to our regular e-newsletters to school career advisors and interested visitors and the expo website – we are thrilled with what we are seeing and can’t wait to continue this momentum.

A nationwide radio campaign together with local press and school engagement will keep the expo’s top of mind as we roll out the physical expos across the country and really start to increase the awareness of the new online digital expo. If you have not viewed this lately, take a look at the recent refresh!

Image by: Louise Van Tongeren