Careers Expo Magazine

A joint venture with JET magazine and NZ Careers Expo will see an ‘all new’ Careers magazine to support the 2019 NZ Careers expo!

This new publication will provide greater content and value for students, families and schools with the full publication of JET magazine combined with the Careers Expo focused magazine and student passport.

This publication will be in hot demand in schools, with a longevity that will see this publication remain in circulation for many month in 2019. 

Amazing value for NZ Careers Expo exhibitors!

NZ Careers Expo exhibitors can book space in the expo section of this publication at the standard expo rates, including the special offers extended to expo exhibitors.


Special offers:

  • A4 Full page    $2,500 plus gst
    A5 Landscape  $1750 plus gst
    A6 Portrait      $995 plus gst




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