MEDIA releases

The following links are for recent press articles on the Careers Expo.

March 29 2018 - JOBFEST Press Release


November 10 - Securing our future

November 4 - Making your industry exciting to youth


May 20 - Herald Business - World of Work

February 15 - Contruction News: Careers Expo aims to meet fast growing workforce requirements

February 21 - Luring talent to job expos a win-win

December 12 - Institute of IT Professionals jumps on board with Careers Expo to inform and excite young people about IT careers

December 3 - Techday: IT not just about maths and programming

December 3 - LiveSport: PICA's Andy Somerville speaking on, 'On the Field Farming Show' about PICAs involvement at the Careers Expo


November 27 - Geek Zone: New Zealand Jobs Expo landing in Australia to try and bring some talents to the country

November 21 - Media Release - Institute of IT Professionals jumps on board with Careers Expo

November 21 - Media Release - PICA aims to grow future workforce with help of Careers Expo

June 6 - Waikato Times: Expos open students eyes

June 6 - National Business Review: Get to know your future workers

May 26 -Stuff: Careers Expo draws school leavers
May 16 - Info News: Bases covered at the Wellington Careers Expo

April 24 - Techday:  Careers Expos app opens communications channels
April 01 - NZ Business: ITOs make presence felt at Careers Expos

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