The World of Work

A Mobile Exhibit Encouraging Youth Into The Workforce.

The World Of Work Hub Is An Initiative Profiling Many Of The Providers And Resources Available To Assist Young People In Their Transition To The Workforce.

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A Mobile Careers Hub

The World of Work Exhibit

What Is The World Of Work Hub?

The World of Work Hub is an initiative profiling many of the providers and resources available to assist young people in their transition to the workforce.

Providing a creative and engaging environment for training providers, educational providers, careers resource providers and employers to engage with young people to assist with the decision making processes as they move from school through training to the world of work.

Key Benefits Include:

Encouraging career conversations / Sharing Inspirational journeys / Workplace profiling / Nurturing environment / Role modeling


Helping Young People Become “Work-Ready”

The World of Work is fully mobile and available for exhibition alongside local community events. Providing a cost-effective means of resourcing these events with consistent messaging and presence.

The World of Work Hub is available to anyone wanting to host a careers focused event nationwide. Including schools, expos, community career festivals etc. The World of Work Hub allows for employers and educational providers to “wrap” around the event with a powerful engagement for young people to discuss their future.

The World of Work Hub has the ability to help create “work-ready” youth through a collaborative approach and exposure to resources, employers and training providers.

For more information, check out our dedicated World of Work site.