It’s time to help make today’s youth ‘work ready’

The key to work readiness is getting young people in front of employers (like you) while they’re still at school.

Careers Expo offers a ready-made opportunity to bridge the gap between schools, tertiary training and the wider world of work. Share with employees of the future what it’s really like to work in your industry and the life skills required to succeed at top organisations like yours.

Why exhibit at the Careers Expo?

  • It’s a positive, practical and cost-effective solution for engaging with the youth market.
  • Create positive branding for your company and industry sector with the future workforce.
  • Benefit from the multi-channel options for exposure: be part of the expo in your region or nationwide; advertise in the Careers Expo magazine - copies go to every attending student nationwide.

Making the most of your investment at the Careers Expo

To get the most out of your stand space you need to attract visitors to you and have the right team on board to interact with them. Setting up a banner and handing out brochures won't cut it! 

Grabbing a visitor's attention is key. Remember, teens are a reclusive bunch so you need something to draw them in. This doesn't have to require a massive investment. Some of the biggest crowds at the expo surround the simplest activities.  Think about 'hands-on' tasks you can have visitors perform at your stand and watch the masses come!

Once you have a group around you, make sure you have sufficient staff to chat with them.  Ask them questions to get them talking, and take the opportunity to share your key messages.

A key to success will be in the make-up of your team.  They should be positive, outgoing and able to break the ice, initiate conversations with the audience, interact with them and speak on their level.

Think about what would compel you to visit your stand; engaging staff, an attractive display and a curiosity or activity to capture your attention.  If you can provide these items then you'll be sure to attract the crowds!

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Help inform and inspire the next generation by exhibiting with us.


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Don't just take our word for it

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Skill development by young people is much more effective if the world of learning and the world of work are linked together.

David Turner

Internationally respected youth employment consultant. (From his document: Eight Key Factors – Internationally Evidenced.)

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The more young people (aged 14-19) come in to contact with employers while they are at school, the less likely they are to become NEET (not in education, employment or training) between 19 and 24 years.

From a report examining youth unemployment in the UK conducted by Deloitte and the UK’s Education and Employer’s Taskforce: It’s who you meet: why employer contacts at school make a difference to the employment prospects of young adults.

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